Sharp and funny, with a business brain and a big heart.


Very helpful, friendly and informative – thank you for your time, Rob.


After just one conversation with Rob it is abundantly clear that he has a great insight into what makes a business tick.

Can’t wait for the next installment.


Watch this space – Rob’s Oviedo proposition is destined to make waves in the business community. Rob’s formidable expertise and experience provides the foundation for his innovative strategicsell.

He’s blessed with killer insight, doesn’t suffer fools gladly and this combined with his ethical stance and caring nature naturally means people gravitate towards him, professionally and personally.

Rob is one of the members who truly encompass the spirit of Ecademy and he’s helped me inordinately with his insights – thank you!


Rob’s an intensely knowledegable, likeable and caring bloke who will look out for his friends. A man with great charisma and charm. A powerful bloke to have on your side.

Chat to him today and see if you’re not won over!


Rob, has given me some of his time to help me with a strategy I am currently working on. He is always somebody I feel more than comforatable with. Wisdom beyond his years, a definite must.

Thanks Rob


Made me laugh and inspired me, gave me some confidence. Thanks Rob…on my team please!
Jacqui M


I worked alongside Rob a long time ago and aside from being a really professional and creative sales person, he’s always had a pretty sharp sense of humour. Great fun to be with and talk to, Rob should be on your list.


Rob’s massive experience in managing and getting the best from corporate strategic accounts has led him to develop Oviedo, a great tool to make sure corporates are really achieving sustainable superior value for their customers. And you should see the size of his toolbox! Rob has a massive armoury of models and methodologies to help any business maximise value. Businesslike and forthright, Rob is nonetheless a real pleasure to spend time with and to work with.


Well where to start from? Rob is the kind of guy who plays very hard, works very hard and cares very hard, a well rounded gentleman. I dropped Rob a line asking his advice on a marketing related issue and his answer was well researched, very thorough, detailed, with many links and materials attached on the subject that shows how professional, kind and well connected to his area.

Many thanks Rob for being the person you are, I hope I will be able to help you one day if you need any thing I am able to offer, not because you helped me only, but because your truly deserve it.

With my warmest wishes.


In the past 24 hours Rob has masterfully guided me in the redrafting of a sales letter I’d written to promote my professional coaching business, with great patience, insight and encouragement.

Not only do I now have an excellent sales letter I also have the confidence to follow up on it and to get and use well, some face-to-face meetings which WILL deliver the results because Rob knows it will, and I believe him.

This is exactly the kind of behaviour that one expects of a great networker and I do hope I can match the generosity thereof through my own contribution to something Rob needs help on, or, on the principle of ‘paying it forward’ that I might be able to help someone else to the extent that Rob has helped me. What an excellent and generous man.