About You

Small business owners have to do everything. Manage, market, sell, book-keep, administration, hire-fire, chase debts, firefight and deliver their product.

We’ve seen though, time after time, businesses running into trouble because they don’t have access to a friendly entity who can provide advice, help and training in dealing with important issues.

This is what we do – we’re troubleshooters for small to medium sized business and we can support you across virtually the entire business landscape. If we can’t, almost certainly, we’ll know of someone who can.


Proper, rigorous and professional can eliminate many of the unforeseen problems that crop up. We can provide you with the right planning templates and analytical tools as well as a plethora of business management tools.

Mentoring and Coaching – being a critical friend to your business.

Call rehearsals, conversations, proposals, presentations, role playing, sales coaching, marketing mentoring, behaviour issues, performance problems – anything that confronts a business and causes it to lose even a day’s momentum – we can help, discuss, set objectives, address, plan and enable suitable contingencies to get you back into an active business climate. .